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Did you know that we now carry appliances? Don't be fooled by the newest department at Ritchie's. It still has the great service and advice you need to bring your kitchen and laundry room into the 21st century. We carry top name brand refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers and more for your kitchen and laundry rooms. There may even be several specialty appliances in store that you have to see for yourself. You won't believe the innovations that have taken place in the world of household appliances. We are happy to show you what they can do.

Our Staff

Michael Jones
  7 years

Mike has a wealth of product knowledge and is a great troubleshooter & multitasker. He is also interested in mechanics and welding.

Michelle Gallant
  2 years

Michelle provides great customer service and indepth product knowledge. She enjoys walking, boxing and watching movies.

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